Pest Control Pet Safety

One of the most common concerns for homeowners or renters considering pest control is whether or not it is pet-friendly. It’s a fair concern given the chemicals and methods that can be implemented for pest control, especially if you don’t know much about pest control. And inexperience with pest control and treatment can cause issues, particularly if you’re doing pest control yourself.

The bottom line is responsible pest control practices are pet-friendly. Deciding what’s responsible requires years of training and experience. That is why it’s best to be safe by hiring professional pest control. Urban Desert Pest Control offers insight in this article into how our team of experts ensures pest control is safe for your furry friends.

How Is Pest Control Pet-Friendly?

Each home and pest infestation is unique, requiring skilled eyes to implement a pest control treatment that will work for you and your family. From termites to scorpions or spiders to bed bugs, a pest treatment for your home is not one-size-fits-all. Buying chemicals or baits on your own may not fully meet the needs of your infestation. You want a professional to know how to tailor an appropriate treatment for your situation.

Professional Pest Control Is More Pet-Friendly Than DIY Control

One common mistake with DIY pest control is the improper use of materials. This can include using excessive chemicals, the wrong chemicals in the wrong location, or placing baits and traps where they shouldn’t be. All of these can result in harm to pets or children. When you hire experienced technicians, they don’t make these mistakes.

There’s no doubt that hiring a professional will give you more comfort for your home’s safety. Rather than blindly spraying chemicals or laying traps wherever.

How Is Our Chemical Treatment Safe? 

Chemical treatments are essential to proper and thorough pest control because they will eradicate a pest and deter them from returning. But how are these pest control chemicals safe? It’s a good question because you don’t want a pet or child to come into contact with harmful chemicals. And that’s where the experts come into play.

Professional pest control services know exactly where to target and apply chemical treatments, both effectively pest-killing areas and out of reach from pets and children. For example, our Termidor chemical treatment for termites is applied under the soil so roaming pets or children won’t be exposed to the product. Only training, experience, and equipment can give your home this thorough, safe pest control.

Pest control services are also equipped with an array of chemical treatments depending on the pest. Each one is designed to appeal to a certain pest. You know you’re getting the right chemical treatment with professional pest control. The ASPCA agrees that better handling of treatments and the appropriate chemicals are important to keep pets safe.

Some Pests are Dangerous for Pets

If you have a pest infestation, don’t hesitate to act on the problem because some pests can be dangerous for your pets. Common problematic pests for pets are mosquitoes, ticks, stink bugs, caterpillars, venomous spiders (such as Recluse Spiders in Arizona), bees, cockroaches, ants, and rodents. Don’t leave your pets vulnerable to a severe pest infestation. Stop it at the source with the pros.

Find Pet-Friendly Pest Control with Urban Desert

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