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Ticks are notorious pests, and getting an infestation should be taken seriously, especially here in Phoenix, Arizona. These creepy crawlers can ruin the health and happiness of your household. The infamous insects are also responsible for transmitting diseases such as the Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease, which can cause adverse lifelong side effects on humans.

First, you’ll notice a lone tick either on your body or your pet’s. What you don’t know at that time is you’re likely facing a full-blown tick infestation. Chances are they have already spread throughout your yard.

Treating such a heavy infestation is a challenge, and you need to engage a professional pest management company such as Urban Desert Pest Control.

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Once you have a tick infestation, especially indoors, it can be difficult to locate and eliminate without an experienced eye of a skilled tick exterminator. Urban Desert Pest Control has built its reputation as a trusted and expert tick control and treatment service provider throughout Phoenix, AZ.

Our experts begin by performing a home inspection to establish whether your home has a tick infestation and the factors behind the proliferation. After that, we deploy a plan to eliminate the tick infestation while ensuring future cycles do not emerge.


If you walk past a brushy or wooded area around your home during warm weather, a tick can attach itself to various parts of your body, including behind the knee, under the arms, and more. Also, ticks can come into contact with your pets, particularly dogs, and find their way into your house.

Ticks rely on blood for growth and reproduction and latch on to animals, including cats, dogs, birds, and humans. However, they can survive for a long time within your household without feeding.

Once brought into your home, the tick may reproduce, leading to an infestation. Ticks lay eggs in different parts of your house, including near baseboards, curtains, furniture, and window and door surrounds.


If you discover ticks in your skin, the common method is to use thin, fine-nosed tweezers to remove them. You will apply a quick upward motion to remove the tick without twisting or bending since it may leave mouthparts and cause further infection. 

While you can manage to treat the few ticks you find on your skin, controlling tick infestation that spreads throughout your home is a job best left to professionals. At Urban Desert, we have a skilled, well-equipped, and experienced team to implement the best solution to tick infestation.


You can prevent tick infestations through several measures, including:

Regular Yard Maintenance – Maintain a well-groomed yard, ensuring you trim low-hanging vines and mow tall grass. Besides, maintain your fence to keep off potential carriers.

Add Pest-repellants – You can add tick-repellant plants such as citronella, eucalyptus, geraniums, and thyme in your compound to deter ticks.

Inspect Favorite Spots for your Pets – If you frequently allow your pets to roam around your yard, chances are they have a favorite spot to enjoy the sunshine. Ensure you inspect these spaces to ensure they’re tick-free. Additionally, inspect the pets after they come from these areas.

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If you discover ticks inside your household, chances are you have an infestation. But you don’t have to worry since Urban Desert Pest Control is ready and well equipped to offer you the best solution. Reach out to us to get a quote.

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