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Ants often come indoors more frequently during the summer, probably because most insects become livelier during the warmer months. You may notice them in bathrooms or other damp areas of your household, and an ant infestation is never a sight to behold.

If ants get out of control in your home, your food and that of your pets may become infested with ants. While you might be able to kill the ant using different DIY methods, eliminating the colony and keeping them from coming back is a task only an experienced pest control team can do effectively.

Luckily, at Urban Desert Pest Control, we are more than qualified for the job.

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If you’re are a homeowner or landlord looking for a solution to get rid of ants in your home, then you’ve come to the right place. We understand how frustrating an infestation can be and how quickly you want the problem solved.

We guarantee that our ant control procedure will eliminate the ant problem while providing exceptional customer care along the way. Our experts have the necessary skill and expertise to handle the task correctly.


The primary reason ants will invade your home is that you provide them with food. Kitchens, in particular, give the ants food and sanctuary. Ants, like all living things, require food and water to survive. They frequently seek out easy food supplies, mainly migrating to places where you store your food.

Aside from food, certain ant species prefer moist, damp wood, which is why you’ll find them near your kitchen cabinets and bathrooms.
Heavy rains can also flood ant nests, forcing them to migrate to neighboring structures such as your home.

Faulty pipes or sufficient rainstorms can damp the wood around your home. This makes it ideal hiding for carpenter ants, who build their homes in wet or rotting wood.

Ant Control Treatment 

The first step is to figure out drawing in the ants in the first place. There will always be a source, whether it’s that bread crumb or your cat’s bowl. So, start by cleaning whatever you find to be attracting the ants.

However, if you find more ants, you have an ant infestation on your hands, and you should give us a call. We don’t recommend DIY ant control because it only offers a temporary solution, and more often than not, the ants will return within a few days.

For instance, most people use the wrong materials or spray them directly, and this stresses the colony. This triggers the release of an alarm scent known as a pheromone, and the queens will split apart in a process known as budding. Each of the queens will take a section of the colony and go their different ways.

The ants will go away, and the homeowner will think they’ve successfully eliminated the problem. However, they’ll return with vengeance in multiple places in your house. An infestation that was contained in one room can quickly spread to every room in the house just because they had been treated incorrectly.

We use non-repellent material that ants cannot detect. The ants travel through the chemical and enter their colony transferring the product as they interact with other ants. This transfer process eventually infects the Queen. This is vital because the only way to eliminate ants for good is to eliminate the Queen.


Inspect your bathrooms and faucets for leaks, ensure that openings are well-sealed and closed during wet conditions, and look for any sources of dampness in your home.

Foods, like honey, bread, and butter, should be stored in airtight jars or securely covered in aluminum foil or paper wrap.
Clean your surfaces regularly, as these are the places where breadcrumbs are most prone to lie.

Ensure bins are sealed and examine these bins for any debris left.

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