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Glue Boards: Do They Really Work?

For years, glue boards have been used to trap scorpions, roaches, spiders, ants, rodents, small snakes and other household pests. They are non-toxic, inexpensive, and simple for for even the most novice user.


Arizona Cockroaches

Everyone hates cockroaches. Arizona cockroaches have been known to transmit infections such as salmonellosis, cholera, dysentery, streptococcus, and others.


The Brown Dog Tick

Are ticks a real threat in Arizona? You bet they are. The Brown Dog Tick is the most common species of tick found in Phoenix, and it’s surrounding areas. Brown Dog Ticks are difficult to eradicate once they’ve infested your home or business.


Furry Intruders: Arizona Rats & Mice

Roof rats are anything but cute. They contaminate and consume stored food, rip up insulation, chew on wiring, and carry diseases.


The Arizona Black Widow

The Black Widow spider—also known as Latrodectus Hesperus—is one of two venomous spiders found in Arizona and other western regions of North America. She isn’t just chilling to look at, she’s a threat to our quality of life, as well as our family’s health.

Termites issues

Termite Issues? Not to Worry.

When we think of Arizona pests, we often think of spiders, scorpions, and roaches. Maybe even rodents. But termites? They’re usually at the bottom of the hair-raising list of creepy crawlers. Make no mistake, though. These tiny little vermin can wreak havoc on your home, as well as your bank account.