Rodent Exclusion
Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Rodent Exclusion Services

Phoenix-based Urban Desert Pest Control has more than ten years of expertise in the industry. We use our experience and knowledge to identify potential entrance sites in building structures and determine the most efficient and cost-effective approach to seal them off.

Rodents are common pest problems for Phoenix residents, and they’re known to contaminate food, damage homes and buildings, spread disease, and even cause fires.

Rodent exclusion is the proven and preferred method of long-term control. By eliminating conditions that attract rodents, you can stop infestations before they even happen.

Make no mistake about it, these are filthy pests. They carry a number of diseases that are highly dangerous if transmitted to a human including Salmonella, Bubonic Plague, Tapeworms, Lyme Disease and much more.

As the weather starts to heat up, rats and mice will begin looking for water and cool shelter indoors. Whether it be your home, building or commercial facility, it makes no difference to them. Urban Desert Pest Controls’ Rodent protection program will make sure your home and (or) facility is well protected from the intrusion of any rodents.

At Urban Desert, we offer professional, high-quality exclusion services that are designed to give you lasting protection and peace-of-mind. We have more than 15 years of experience providing high-quality, customized exclusion services in Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa and the surrounding areas.

If you’re dealing with a rodent problem, it can feel like a never-ending trial. Maybe you’ve tried DIY rodent control, only to find the problem has gotten worse. Our team at Urban Desert Pest Control understands that certain pests can cause you to feel like a prisoner in your own home, which is why we developed our expert rodent control system, in order to eradicate your rodent problem.

Our Rodent Proofing and Exclusion Services Include:

  • Locating & Identifying Pest Harborage Sites
  • Eliminating Current Pest Activity
  • Locating Entry Points
  • Making Recommendations To Prevent Pest Activity In The Future
  • Sealing/Patching/Repairing Entry Points

How The Smoke Test Works

1) Determine Entry Points Using Smoke Test – Did you know that rats usually get access to buildings through a sewage line break? Indeed, because they enjoy hiding in sewers, they frequently enter your home through a gap in the line.

2) Prevent Their Return – We promise that the cracks through which the rats enter will be properly sealed, preventing the rodents from returning after we have discovered and identified them. Our caulking solutions are highly successful when it comes to properly managing your rat infestation problem.

Solution That Is Both Simple & Effective – The smoke test is the first step in rat eradication for good. To determine where the leak is, we first inject compressed smoke into the drainage system and sewage pipes. This allows you to locate the breach or fracture via which the rats enter.

This innovative and easy approach is also used to identify possible hazardous gas leaks. It leaves no trace, is harmless, and is very effective in determining the source of a rat infestation in a structure.

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We will eliminate any current pest problems in conjunction with sealing them out to prevent future pest problems. We perform pest exclusion/proofing services from apartments to commercial warehousing facilities and anything in between.

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