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Too many people, bright stars in the sky and the songs of crickets in the background make up the perfect summer night. However, if crickets find their way into your home, their chirping can be very annoying.

These nocturnal pests will hide throughout the day but chirp to each other throughout the night, and when they start, it’s impossible to get a good night’s sleep.

If crickets invade your house or property, they can also be very difficult to locate. They go silent when threatened, and the direction of the chirping is often difficult to determine. You’ll therefore need to enlist the services of pest control experts like Urban Desert Pest Control.

Trustworthy Cricket Control Phoenix

Urban Desert Pest Control offers treatment designed to effectively and efficiently control a cricket infestation. Our solution also will prevent them from invading your home or business in Phoenix, AZ.

Crickets can also be quite destructive. They mainly eat plants and plant roots and will prey on potted plants and destroy vegetation around your property. 
Working with a trusted Phoenix pest control company like us guarantees that your cricket problem will be eliminated fast and effectively. Our experienced specialists will further advise you on how to avoid repeat infestations.


Crickets prefer to reside outdoors, but if your home provides them with the right conditions, they will gladly accept the invitation. For example, heavy outdoor lighting is one of the main reasons crickets are entering your home. These pests are attracted to heavy lights, and if your outdoor lights are too bright, you risk inviting crickets into your house.

Crickets are tiny insects and can enter your house or building through the tiniest opening.  Once inside, crickets seek out dark but warm places in your house. Therefore, you will find them in closets, crawl spaces,, and near heat sources, such as fireplaces and and furnaces.


If a cricket population gains entrance to your home or commercial property, their incessant chirping can be very annoying to you and your family or your customers. Our Urban Desert Pest Control professionals are highly trained and experienced in providing cricket control services.

We’ll first find the core of the pest concern to control crickets from the source. We select our pest control materials carefully and apply them in a manner that is friendly to humans, pets, and the environment.

Your favorite Phoenix, AZ pest control team also understands that every home or commercial building is different, and we will therefore create a custom solution convenient for you.


Crickets enter your home through cracks or any other openings and survive if they are provided with favorable conditions.

Seal Foundational Gaps – Caulk any discovered foundation cracks and gaps near doors and windows. This denies crickets entry points to your house.

Keep Your Landscape Well-groomed – Tall grass and weeds create a haven for crickets. Make sure to cut any grass that is growing around your house and your lawn.

Use Sodium-Vapor Lighting – Crickets are lured to lights after the sun has gone down. Use yellow sodium-vapor outdoor lighting rather than white or mercury-vapor lighting. Also, if possible, put lights on poles with the light directed away from your door.

Clean Your Bins – Ensure that your garbage cans are cleaned regularly and properly sealed to deny crickets a breeding ground.

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