Spider Control
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Spider Control – Everything You Need To Know

Just like a lot of pests in hot and dry Arizona, spiders are everywhere in the desert. And also like other pests, if the proper treatment isn’t taken into effect, the problem of spiders in your home will only get worse.

Spiders typically infest a home because they are seeking shelter & food sources. Spiders prey on small insects of all kinds. Insects come into you home looking for moisture, and scraps of food. They can also be attracted by your lighting and temperate indoor environment. Once there is an insect population is in your home, the spiders will follow.

Spiders also may burrow or hide in dark, sheltered areas, including boxes, wood piles, or bushes/vegetation. When this is the case, they aren’t actively looking for insects as a food source, so it can be tougher to identify them.

Some spiders can be harmful, which is just another reason to do everything possible to keep them out. The professionals at Urban Desert can help you be vigilant and proactive in protecting your home from spider infestations.

Signs of Infestation

Some warning signs for spiders invading your home are just as easy as you’d expect, while other signs are more hidden. Be sure to keep your eyes open for any of these infestation indicators.

Webs: Arguably the most notorious characteristic of a spider is its silk-made web to draw in prey. You’ll often find webs along walls or in corners up high. Additionally, darker areas around your house, such as the basement, attic, or garage, are typically where spiders will cast webs because that is where insects often stay. Or they will even make webs by lights, either exterior (such as your porch) or interior (by lamps or chandeliers), to catch flying insects.

Eggs: The biggest problem with spiders being in your house is the strong possibility that they will quickly lay eggs, resulting in more and more spiders. Although the survival rate of spider eggs is low, additional spiders is something you shouldn’t have to worry about. Spider eggs, laid in numbers between 20 to 30 eggs, resemble a cluster of grapes, except the eggs are a white or yellow color. Noticing something like this is an urgent sign to get ahead of your spider control, because it indicates more spiders are on the way.

A Multitude of Flying Insects: Since spiders feed on flying insects, such as flies, mosquitoes, and moths, they will likely appear where there is an excess of them. So, if you begin to notice more insects than usual, it could indicate that spiders are present in your home. As mentioned, these flying insects love going towards lights, and spiders will try to catch them there.


Spiders are versatile. Their location, desire for entering a home, and their signs of infestation can require a very watchful eye. That said, it can be tough to handle the situation on your own. It’s best to leave spider control to the professionals, because they know what to look out for and how to stop them at the source.

Urban Desert has spider technicians as a dedicated department of our business. We provide a service that’s fast-acting and responsive to whatever issue you have, whether you notice a few spiders or an entire family of them. Our discreet treatment won’t require extensive hours of service, so you’ll have peace of mind right away. Additionally, we offer insecticidal spray regularly (about every 8 weeks) to ensure spiders won’t show up again at your doorstep.

With expert training, we know which areas of the house to investigate and how to best handle the problem. For example, a recent survey of residential homes found that 68% of all bathrooms and 75% of all bedrooms were infested. The worst stat from the survey is that 100% of the homes found spiders! We’re ready to help the Arizona community have confidence and excitement with their pest-free homes.

Why Urban Desert Pest Control

Spiders aren’t a problem new to us at Urban Desert Pest Control. With over 20 years of team experience, we know what it is like to find spiders in your home. More importantly, we know how to get rid of them fast.

While only a handful of spiders are actually dangerous, most people are petrified of them. In fact, Insider.com explains that nearly 75% of people are afraid of spiders. It’s evidently one of the most common fears, but with Urban Desert Pest Control you won’t need to worry about spiders scaring you or your family.

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