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Rodent Protection for Your Home

Of the dozens of Arizona pests that can find their way into your home, rodents are the most notorious. House mice and roof rats are the most popular rodents around Phoenix. They are known to be very destructive creatures that can contaminate food, cause costly structural damages or even chew on electric wires leading to house fires.  

These nocturnal pests are also known to relieve themselves anywhere, posing a significant human contamination risk. Diseases like Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis, and Murine Typhus are contracted by consuming food contaminated with rodents’ fecal material or urine.

Have rodents been getting on your nerves lately? We are here to offer a hand.

Trustworthy Rodent Control Phoenix

As a resident of Phoenix, you have probably experienced a problem with rodents or heard the tales from others. Getting rid of rodents is dirty work, but at Urban Desert, we are all about it. We are hands down the best pest control company in Phoenix, AZ.

Our years of experience have exposed us to every scenario, making us effective in identifying rodent-infested areas and eliminating them in no time. Our team of technicians delivers top-notch services while prioritizing the health of your family and pets.

What Causes a Rodent Infestation? 

Like any other pests, rats and mice are attracted to homes searching for food, water, and shelter.
 Rodents are fond of dumpsters, where they roam in search of food and water. They particularly love pet foods, nuts, sweet fruits, and berries but will not mind any form of food, including leftovers and animal feeds. Therefore, you will almost always find them in the kitchen and cluttered areas looking for something to devour.

Most rodents also come around in search of shelter, especially in the cold winter season. These tiny creatures love a little mess and will most likely inhabit forsaken attics, garages, or cluttered rooms. The roof rat is especially famous for nesting in the attic and roofs.

Rats also love a good citrus treat, which explains why areas like Citrus Groves of North East Mesa, Tempe, and the other regions with citrus trees are highly infested with rats.

How we Handle a Rodent Infestation 

Our treatment plan begins with an inspection of your home to determine the entry points of these rodents. We can quickly determine an entry point by looking for shredded paper or fabric, rodent droppings around the house, chewing on food packages, or holes on the walls or floor of your home.

We then proceed to seal any holes or any entry points to your home or property. We do this by installing door sweeps or simply filling the holes or cracks around the house. We also recommend landscaping to homeowners, including trimming trees, clearing bushes around the property, decluttering, and regularly emptying bins and dumpsters to reduce breeding grounds.

We then use various treatment methods, including chemical and mechanical techniques like traps and baits, to handle the rodent situation.

Bait Station Technique 

The Bait station system is a unique strategy when it comes to rat control in Phoenix, AZ. It’s critical to be cautious since you may have kids/children, or pets. 

Rat infestations can be controlled by using bait stations so you can properly and effectively eliminate the problem. Instead of bait, tension traps can be put within the stations. Tension traps may require more frequent inspection, and each trap will only catch one rat before needing to be reset.

Get a Free Rodent Inspection 

You should never have to struggle with a rodent or any pest infestation. Urban Desert is your hometown pest control solution. Contact us today to request a quote. We’re happy to help.

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