Should You Do Your Own Pest Control?

While you may not be too worried about most pests during the cold winter, spring –and its pests– are right around the corner. Like most people in the Phoenix area, you’re probably worried about termites, cockroaches, spiders, mice, and more infesting your home. But with the hot and dry desert climate, Arizona pests can be more persistent than most, and you’ll want to ensure you keep them out.

So as the new year approaches, you may be wondering if it’s worthwhile to try to handle pest control by yourself rather than hiring professional help. The decision should be clear: you want the most effective pest control that will keep your family and home safe. Urban Desert Pest Control will explore in this article the benefits of do-it-yourself (DIY) vs. professional pest control.

What Pest Control Can You Do By Yourself?

Many homeowners believe that there isn’t much they can do for pest control by themselves, and that isn’t true. Proactive measures to prevent pests are one of the biggest keys to pest control. There’s a number of preventative measures you can take, such as sealing cracks around your home, decluttering, cutting down on moisture, and more.

Of course, you can also do a few things if/once pests do invade your home. Depending on the pest, these include bait traps, chemical sprays, or killing the pest by yourself (such as with a shoe, vacuuming it, etc.). The point is you do play a part in your home’s pest control, but you can only do so much.

Professional Pest Control

If pests do infest your home, you should quickly try to get rid of them. However, most pests are known for rapid reproduction, communication, and significant infestation once they enter. Handling it on your own will cost you time, stress, and possibly the surrendering of your home’s safety.

The biggest difference between DIY and professional pest control is success. The experts are trained, equipped, and quick to eliminate any pest from your home. But more importantly, the pros can keep pests away with the proper chemical treatment.

Some pests are pheromone-driven creatures, meaning that scent is largely how they communicate with one another. Ants, for example, can leave a pheromone trail so other ants can find each other’s location. So once one ant infiltrates your house, it likely means more are on the way. While you can kill an ant with a shoe, you aren’t stopping others from coming because you aren’t chemically eliminating any communicative pheromones.

Another benefit of professional pest control is the regular service. Pests don’t stop. They’re always trying to enter your home for food, water, or shelter. If you aren’t frequently spraying chemicals around your home or sealing off crevices, there’s no doubt some pests will eventually infest your home. Urban Desert Pest Control offers regularly-occurring services, depending on how frequently you want us to, that will keep pests at bay.

The right pest control company, such as Urban Desert Pest Control, will also offer you a performance guarantee. Other companies only offer one or two years, but Urban Desert offers a 5-year guarantee. That’s how confident we are with our work. DIY pest control won’t compare to the relaxation and confidence you get with professional help.

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The cost of professional pest control is worth your time, energy, and, more importantly, the protection of your home and family. Each quote is built differently depending on your needs, but you can rest easy knowing Urban Desert Pest Control has your best interests in mind. In fact, that’s why Urban Desert started: to change the pest control industry that was short-changing the customer. Contact us today to learn how we can help protect your home from the persistent and devastating Arizona pests.

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