10 Easy Tips For Preventing Mouse & Rat Infestation

10 Easy Tips For Preventing Mouse & Rat Infestation

Mice, rats, and rodents can be just as excited to stay in your home as you are if you’re not careful. Infestation can cause risks to safety and can cause structural damage to your home if rats burrow their way through the foundation.

If you’re worried about mouse and rat infestation, the experts at Urban Desert Pest Control can help. We’ve seen all types of cases and have compiled a list of measures you can take to stay ahead of an infestation. While there are multiple ways to prevent pest infestations,  here are ten easy tips for preventing mouse and rat infestation in and around your home.

1. Cover Holes

Rats and pests can enter your home through openings in the walls, foundation, corners, and entryways. To prevent mouse and rat infestation, these should be repaired quickly or sealed with mesh wire coating to ensure that rodents cannot chew or bite through.

2. Remove Food Sources

Rodents typically stick around because they have found the food to sustain them. This could be leftovers from bird feeders, the trash that has blown in the wind, or scraps left in your yards from mulch, among other things. Take care to keep your yard and home perimeter free from laying food so that pests will stay away.

3. Deploy Mint Leaves

Mice, rats, and rodents avoid mint leaves, so mint can be used to prevent entry into your home. Deploy them around the perimeter of your home and near entryways to discourage unwanted rodent visitors.

4. Routinely Clean The Yard

The most preventative measure is to maintain outside areas so that they don’t collect items, like food and standing water, that would attract pests. Keep your home perimeter free of these things to deter a rat population.

5. Apply Traps Around The Perimeter Of Your Home

If you’re concerned about rodents being on the property but not necessarily inside, set bait traps around the perimeter of the home. These will catch any rat that attempts to enter your home and will alert you of problem areas to watch out for.

6. Avoid Leaving Food Or Water Out

The root cause of many rodent infestations is food that pests can return to any time they want. Food that’s left out gives rats the impression that your home is where it should be. To avoid this, avoid leaving food and water in your yard. It’s easy to forget to discard something small left over from an event or to let rain collect in pockets near your home. Instead, have trash cans readily available for throwing away food and fill areas that collect moisture with dirt.

7. Keep Tightly Sealed Lids On Trash Cans

The trash cans around your home should be sealed to keep pests out. Even if the food does not spill, rodents may find ways to enter the cans, or the weather could knock them over, resulting in spilled goods.

8. Clear Potential Nesting Areas

If you’re surveying your home for potential rodents, you may find areas of collected paper and trash that could be nesting areas for unwanted pests. Make sure to clear those from the interior and exterior of your home to avoid mouse and rat infestation.

9. Remove Water Sources and Spills

Areas that collect water will attract rodents who are thirsty in the Arizona heat. Take note of areas of your property prone to collecting still water, and fill or cover them accordingly.

10. Invest In Regular Pest Control Services

Lastly, the best way to prevent mouse and rat infestation is to invest in routine pest control services. Professionals will have a better idea of how to handle specifics when it comes to mouse and rat infestation, so avoid DIY treatments if you can.

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