10 Ways to Prevent Pest Infestations

Just because the summer season and warmer weather are gone, that doesn’t mean your home is impenetrable from a pest infestation. The patterns and behaviors of pests certainly differ during the winter, so it’s important to stay vigilant to any signs of pests and do your part to keep them out. Before you know it, spring will be around the corner, and you won’t want to be playing catch up to ensure your house is free from pests.

The professionals from Urban Desert Pest Control are here to offer 10 tips to keep pests out of your house.

Seal off Food and Throw Away Scraps

The biggest reason a pest wants to enter your home is to find food. With a heightened sense of smell, pests can detect food scraps or food that isn’t properly stored. Properly sealing food in containers and not letting scraps sit around is a strong start to disincentivize any pest from wanting to come into your home.

Take Out Trash Often and Rinse Recyclables   

In the same vein of eliminating food, you will want to take out your trash, which should be in a sealed bag in a garbage can, about every couple of days. Cans and bottles also are a pest’s paradise with sticky, sugary substances. Rinsing out recyclables before you throw them in a car will also help keep pests out.

Seal Cracks, Holes, and Crevices Around Your Home

While pests want to primarily enter a home for food, the most common way they enter is through cracks or other holes on your home’s perimeter. Inspecting for potential areas of entry and sealing them with caulk can make a huge difference in preventing pest infestations. This can be good to do every few months as well.

Cut Down on Moisture in Your Home

The second biggest reason a pest will invade a home is to find water, especially excessive moisture. Investing in a dehumidifier, or two, and putting them in commonly problematic areas, like your basement or attic, makes a strong impact.


The final thing a pest is looking for is shelter, and most pests thrive in dark, cluttered areas. Attics and basements are often best for a pest because of clutter with boxes and other stored items. Cutting down on clutter is key to preventing pests.

Proper Lawn Maintenance

Because pests like cluttered and dark areas, something many homeowners don’t consider for pest control is outside of the home. Keeping piles of firewood farther away from a home, eliminating piles of leaves or other trimmings, and maintaining a clean lawn will all keep pests far away from your home.

Install a Chimney Cap

The chimney can be an entrance or home for rodents, birds, and bees. Installing a chimney cap and getting it regularly cleaned prevents any larger or aerial pest.

Look for Smaller Pests on Your Pets or Clothes 

The pests far too many people forget to watch for are the ones often too small to initially see. Ticks and beg bugs can enter your home through clothing, luggage, or pets. They’re evasive but problematic. Stay vigilant with frequent inspects and any signs of infestation.

Use Pest Control Products

Putting traps or defenses around your home is another solid step to preventing pest infestations. Zappers, sticky paper, and sprays are effective.

Regular Pest Control Servicing

The best defense against pest infestations is regular, professional servicing. Urban Desert Pest Control offers frequent servicing, such as once or twice a month, that will keep all kinds of pests at bay. You won’t have to stress about losing the safety and comfort in your own home by a pest problem.

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