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Pubished On: October 21, 2022

Pests pose many infestation opportunities and threats to your home or business environment. Pest control, or pest management, removes insects, rodents, or small animals from your establishment to ensure your customers, family, and belongings stay safe. 

Hiring a professional company is the most convenient and effective way to remove pests. They have the proper equipment and chemicals to remove pests safely from your residential or commercial property. This post examines the various types of pests and pest control methods. 

Types of Pests 

Pests come in all shapes and sizes. Experts generally classify pests into three categories:

·       Insects

·       Rodents 

·       Birds and others 


Some of the most common pests affecting homeowners and businesses are insects. Common insect infestations include bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, termites, fleas, and ticks. 

At the first sign of an insect infestation, contact a professional immediately. Because insects quickly procreate, they can compromise the structure of your building in weeks or even days. They can even cause or contribute to health problems. 


Rodents are especially harmful in environments that deal with food, such as restaurants or grocery stores. Rodents such as mice or rats can chew through furniture, electrical cables, or your home's insulation. Even worse, they can spread diseases.

Birds and Others 

While birds, bats, squirrels, and other small creatures are not as common as insects or rodents, they can still significantly damage your residential or commercial property. For example, they can contaminate water, spread diseases, and strip insulation. 

Pest Management 

When eliminating pests, experts use two main methods: physical and chemical. We break down the advantages and disadvantages of each technique. 

Physical Pest Control 

Physical pest control removes the insect, rodent, or animal from the environment by trapping, killing, or relocating. Often, a pest control worker removes nests, sets traps, or blocks the pest's entry points, such as holes, doorways, or windows. 

Some traps kill, while others catch the pest, allowing you to relocate it. If you own a farm, trap cropping and field burning are standard pest control options. 

Advantages of Physical Pest Control 

Physical pest control does not use harsh chemicals that may harm the environment, home, or business, making it a popular option. Because it does not use toxic chemicals, the pest cannot develop a resistance to it. This factor helps physical pest control deliver effective, long-lasting results. 

Another type of physical pest control is temperature control. Temperature control uses extreme temperatures to kill or prevent insects from growing. 

Disadvantages of Physical Pest Control 

One of the main reasons why people do not choose physical pest control is because they believe it is inhumane. They disagree with removing a pest from its natural home or killing larger rodents or animals. 

In addition, physical pest control is not always 100% reliable if you remove the pest from its natural habitat. Bugs or rodents may find their way back to their original home. If you are dealing with a sizable infestation, removing or setting traps for all the pests may be impossible. 

Chemical Pest Control 

Chemical pest control is the most popular option for eliminating pests. It consists of three methods: pesticides, ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging, or fumigation. When a pest comes into contact with a pesticide, the chemical poisons and eventually kills it. 

ULV fogging is a common type of chemical pest control. It only uses a small amount of insecticide for handling small infestations. In comparison, fumigation requires sealing the entire building to fill it with a heavy dose of pesticides. 

Advantages of Chemical Pest Control 

Chemical pest control is a very affordable method to control pests. It also generates the most accurate results, making it a smart choice for businesses and homes. 

Disadvantages of Chemical Pest Control 

Chemical pest control can be extremely hazardous and cause health issues if ingested by a pet or human. In addition, certain pests can develop an immunity to pesticides, making it harder to eliminate them. The chemicals used may also contaminate the environment, leading to issues with groundwater or even plants. 

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