Things To Do Before Pest Control Come To Your Home

Things To Do Before Pest Control Comes To Your Home

Pest control services are a great investment if you’re worried about mice, bugs, or other rodents intruding into your home. They can act as the final measure to get uninvited guests off your commercial or residential property, as well as be used as a preventative strategy.

At Urban Desert Pest Control, we provide premium quality pest control services for rodents, bugs, scorpions, and much more. We offer a free inspection so that we can customize our service plan to meet your exact needs. Whether you’re in the market for fumigation or you want to tackle the challenge of spring pest control for home or business, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn how we can serve you.

Should I Clean Before Pest Control?

Cleaning before pest control enters your home is a good idea if you want to double-check areas you’d like to have treated. Ultimately, routine cleaning is one of the best ways to prevent pests, but a quick freshen-up can’t hurt.

By having a regular cleaning routine in place, you are actively prohibiting pests from making a home in messes and unintentional build-up around the home.

Document Areas You’ve Seen Pests

As you’re cleaning and preparing your home, make note of areas you’re concerned about. Check:

  • Have you noticed droppings in certain corners?
  • Do you hear scratching in the same part of your wall every night?
  • Are there holes or crevices that appear to have nesting materials in them, like strips of paper or cloth?

These are all great questions to ask as you document the areas of your home that need care. The best professionals, like the ones here at Urban Desert Pest Control, will provide a thorough inspection of the home and will know exactly what to look for. So rest assured, the job will be done right the first time with our experts on the scene.

Move Furniture Away From Walls And Arrange Rooms

This will help pest service professionals to access areas where rodents, bugs, and mice are likely to hide. Make sure to:

  • Pull couches and chairs away from the walls
  • Open doors to bedrooms, so exterminators have easy access
  • Open cabinetry
  • Remove kitchen appliances from countertops

If you have pets or pet furniture in your home, they need to be cleared from the area as well.

Seal All Food Items And Open Cointainters Away

Because chemicals will be sprayed during pest control services, it’s best to close or cover any open food and drink. Open containers should be stored to avoid harmful contamination that should only be experienced by pests. This also goes for pet food bowls and drink containers.

Why Choose Urban Desert Pest Control

We are family owned and operated and have over 21 years of experience within our industry. We serve commercial and residential properties in Arizona and have become a trusted source for pest control services.

Our goal is to shake up the industry by providing services at a competitive price to ensure that our customers receive the most value in every project. Whether you need mouse and rat infestation prevention, or protection from scorpions and termites, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn how we can serve you.

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