BLOG: The Risks of Delaying Termite Treatment for Your Home

The Risks of Delaying Termite Treatment for Your Home  

Although a termite infestation may not cause apparent or immediate property damage, termites can have devastating effects on property. Left unchecked, these annoying pests can cause significant structural damage and financial losses.   

Termites operate in huge colonies that cause over five billion dollars in damage in the U.S. annually, making them the most dreaded pests in Phoenix and beyond. Scheduling professional termite and pest control as soon as possible may help reduce the impact.  

A property may be termite-infested for years, only for the property owners to notice the damage when it’s too late. Urban Desert Pest Control highlights the value of addressing termite pest infestations sooner rather than later.  

Termite Damage  

Although termites offer ecological benefits by breaking down tree matter to add nutrients to the soil, the same feeding habits that prove beneficial to the ecosystem can cause significant damage to human property.  

Because termites feed primarily on wood, they can rapidly compromise the safety and structural integrity of an infested building. Termites often render structures unlivable until the property owners conduct costly repairs.  

Termite activity threatens more than just properties constructed primarily of wood; these insects often traverse through plaster, metal siding, and more. Termites feed on floors, cabinets, wooden furniture, and even ceilings.  

Termites can also infest electrical panels, causing potential short circuits or fires.   

Because termite damage may take a while before the signs become apparent, the experts at Urban Desert Pest Control recommend that property owners experiencing a termite infestation contact termite and pest control experts before attempting to address the problem on their own.  

Professionals will inspect the property to identify the problem and then determine the best pest management approach.   

Since termite infestations often lead to costly repairs or replacements, knowing how to recognize termite damage may help minimize the cost of termite damage.  

Signs of a Termite Infestation  

Termite season in Phoenix usually peaks in the spring, when swarms of these insects start emerging from their colonies in search of mating partners and new homes for their nests.   

Recognizing a termite issue before things get out of hand may save a property owner thousands of dollars in repair and extermination costs. Phoenix residents experience three major types of termites with a few distinct signs of infestation:  

Subterranean Termites  

By far the most common type of termite in Phoenix, these invasive pests construct their nests deep underground in loose, damp soil. They access above-ground food sources through mud tunnels they create from mud, saliva, and feces.  

Interior signs of subterranean termite damage may only become apparent during full-blown infestations. Watch out for visible mazes within walls or furniture.   

Additional signs include buckling wood, ceilings, and swollen floors that appear to suffer from slight water damage. A smell like mold or mildew may also point to a termite infestation.   

Drywood Termites  

Drywood termites build their colonies within wooden structures. Like subterranean infestations, Drywood termite infestations may not become apparent until the termites have burrowed so deeply into the infested item that it cracks and exposes maze-like tunnels.   

Damp Wood Termites  

As their name implies, damp wood termites live inside moist wood and require moist environments to survive. Because of this, look for areas of general dampness, rotting wood, leaks, or drips.  

Overall, common areas to look for termite activity include the flooring and skirting, pipes, storerooms, and outside walls. Other places to check include outdoor areas, wooden door frames, and wooden window frames.  

Once you see the signs of an infestation, call experts sooner rather than later.  

DIY Vs. Professional Termite and Pest Control?  

Trying to address termite issues oneself may seem like a cost-effective strategy, but DIY termite control may present several risks. Typical home remedies include exposing home furnishings under the sun or spraying insecticides directly on mud tubes.   

Some property owners opt for natural pest remedies like vinegar or orange oil. Unfortunately, DIY termite control rarely works and may even worsen the situation.  

Reasons to avoid DIY termite control measures include:  

  • Attempting to use insecticides puts one at risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.  
  • Termites working beneath the surfaces make it difficult to reach them directly.  
  • Termites are some of the most challenging pests to control unless you are professionally licensed and trained in termite extermination.  
  • DIY termite treatment may involve a wrong dosage or missing ingredient required for termite eradication.  
  • Different termite species require varying treatments and methods—an untrained individual risks wrong pest identification and incorrect pest treatment.  
  • Performing pest control in a less precise and targeted manner could mean driving the pests to other parts of the property, worsening the situation and resulting in further damage.   

Although professional termite control may seem costly, it’s a worthy investment that offers much-needed peace of mind.  

Get a Free Quote for Professional Termite and Pest Control in Phoenix  

Anyone in Phoenix, AZ, looking for experts to assess, remove, and protect their residential or commercial property against termites can trust Urban Desert Pest Control. The company offers top-notch pest services and tailors their termite treatment plans for the best results.  

Annual termite inspections also come in handy for early detection of termite activity on a property and to prevent extensive termite damage and repairs. Inspections can help assess conditions that make a property more susceptible to termite infestation, enabling Urban Desert Pest Control technicians to suggest ways to minimize the risk of attack.  

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