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You have probably heard of the story of how earwigs got their name. Legend has it that earwigs crawl into a person’s ears to lay eggs. Of course, this is just a myth and earwigs themselves are not dangerous. They are more of a nuisance pest.

Earwigs are also commonly referred to as “stink bugs” here in Phoenix because of the foul smell they emit if stepped on or squashed. 
However, an earwig infestation can get out of hand quickly if not addressed by a professional pest control team.

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Controlling an earwig infestation and breeding requires professionals who have experience in handling them. This is where Urban Desert Pest Control comes in. With over 20 years of experience in handling earwigs and other deadlier desert pests, we are more than qualified to handle your earwig infestation.


Earwigs enjoy living underground in dark and moist areas. They could also come into your house looking for food or other insects to prey on. Earwigs can also find their way into your home through boxes brought from other locations.

If you find earwigs in your house, they could be a sign of another more serious problem. For example, if you have termites or carpenter ants, earwigs can use the holes made by them to get into your home. They’ll also use holes formed by rodents to crawl into the house.


Eliminating an earwig infestation does not end at spraying. A successful earwig pest control involves not just killing the earwig population but also sealing possible entry points and correcting conditions conducive for earwig nesting.

When our Urban Desert Pest Control technicians arrive at your home, they first inspect your property and home to find areas where the earwigs hide and determine the best strategy to use.  

The next step is to spray with environmentally friendly chemicals making sure we penetrate where earwigs hide. 
Since earwig eggs hatch within seven days, we have a treatment plan that eliminates the actual infestation and other potential nesting sites where the earwigs could have laid eggs.

With such treatment, the probability of having a new earwig nest being established is significantly reduced.

Finally, we will also give you some tips to help you prevent another infestation in the future.

Immediately after the treatment, you are likely to experience an influx of earwigs. Don’t worry; that is expected because once the earwigs have been driven out of their nest, they will seek new hiding places. However, after a few days, you’ll notice a significant decrease in their number, and after several consistent treatments, we will eliminate the pests completely.


When you call us, we’ll do our best to eliminate and prevent further re-infestation of earwigs. However, you still have a role to play to ensure that these pests never come back again.

Here’s what you can do:

Don’t overwater your landscaping. This is to avoid creating a moist environment, which is a perfect habitat for earwigs. With no shelter and food, they have zero chances of survival.

Let plants around your home dry out thoroughly before watering them again and regularly inspect and fix leaky faucets, pipes and sprinkler systems. The point is still to avoid a moist environment where the pest thrives.

Once in a while, move and clean under couches, garbage cans, and furniture covering large areas as earwigs like to hide there.

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