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We all love Phoenix weather. Unfortunately, the fantastic year-round warm weather is not just good for us but for many pests too, and among them, black widow spiders.

While fatalities from black widow bites are rare, their venom can cause muscle aches and nausea and is especially strong for children. Therefore, it’s always best to call an experienced pest control team once you suspect a black widow infestation.

Luckily for you, at Urban Desert Pest Control, we’re dedicated to assisting Phoenix homeowners and business owners to deal with any pest infestation, including black widow infestations.

Trustworthy Black Widow Control Phoenix, AZ

Urban Desert Pest Control has been around since 2015 and the experience of our technicians spans over 20 years. We have helped countless Phoenix residents regain control of their households and properties following a pest infestation.

Our biggest strength is our workforce. We have friendly and experienced technicians that go above and beyond to ensure you’re happy with the results. We have developed safe and effective treatment plans which guarantee the complete elimination of black widow spiders in your home.


Black widow spiders thrive in damp and dark spaces around buildings and homes where they can be hidden from homeowners’ view. Inside homes, they prefer to build their webs in closets, basements, and garages. They prefer nesting low to the ground, thus find their homes around building’s foundations, in crevices near the floor, along perimeter block walls, in corners, and around the base of plants.

Signs of Infestation

Spiders are best known for their webs, and therefore, the most obvious sign of a black widow infestation is the presence of their webs in your home or property. Also, if you come across a silken sac, which holds their eggs, that should tell you that a black widow infestation is underway.

Our Black Widow Infestation Treatment Plan 

When you contact us, we respond fast because we understand just how much a black widow infestation can affect your lifestyle at home.

Here’s what our treatment process looks like: 1) Our technicians visit your home and do a thorough inspection of your property and house for black widows and their egg sacs and webs. 2) Areas identified with the black widow are then treated with our proven environment-friendly chemicals. 3) Our expert technicians also remove all spider webs and their egg sacs to prevent future infestations.

For total black widow control, we recommend regular and consistent treatments around homes and buildings.


Black widow spiders rarely live in people’s houses as they enjoy undisturbed places. You will, therefore, mostly find them outdoors in woodpiles, garages, yards, and so on. People who work outside should hence be more cautious about these spiders.

Here are a few expert tips to prevent a black widow infestation: Ensure that your doors are properly built and have intact weather stripping to prevent the spiders from entering your house. In commercial environments, slide door sweeps to the bottom of exterior doors to keep away the spiders.

Clear outdoor habitats of the black widow spider by getting rid of garbage piles, wood, and rocks or transferring them a safe distance from the home.

Ensure proper maintenance and trimming of your landscaping, leaving a space of at least 6 inches from your building or home. Shake out all blankets, clothing, and shoes before use if they have been in store for a long while. Use proper protective gear while cleaning outdoor piles to avoid black widow spider bites as they are aggressive when disturbed.

Get a Free Inspection 

Once you begin to experience pest control issues in your Phoenix home, it is only a matter of time before the problem worsens. Therefore, do not hesitate to reach out to Urban Desert Pest Control for the fast and efficient service you need to have a pest-free living environment.

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