Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Treatment

As a commercial property owner, you need proper care and maintenance of your premises to promote a safe working environment and protect your reputation. One of the biggest maintenance issues you will face is dealing with pests like insects and rodents.

Pests can destroy your property or cause major health issues as they carry disease-causing microorganisms. If a pest infestation gets out of hand, your reputation can take a big hit, especially for businesses in the hospitality industry.

Therefore, having a pest control plan is critical. Otherwise, these creatures can significantly affect your bottom line. You need to engage an experienced commercial pest control company such as Urban Desert for the best outcome.

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Trustworthy Commercial Pest Control Phoenix

If you own commercial property in Phoenix, AZ, and experiencing pest problems, the best move is to have professionals handle it for you. Confronting the infestation early enough is critical to achieving a fast resolution and preventing the problem from worsening.

Urban Desert Pest Control has helped many Phoenix commercial property owners achieve a pest-free environment. Our experienced commercial pest control specialists in Phoenix, AZ, receive regular training to stay ahead of the common pests in the region. Besides, they are up-to-date with the latest pest control tools and techniques to ensure efficient, quick, and safe pest eradication services.

Therefore, with Urban Desert Pest Control, you are choosing a company well-equipped to overcome even the heaviest of infestations regardless of your industrial building or facility’s size or complexity.


Typically, pests access your commercial building from the neighboring property as they look for water, food sources, and a habitable shelter. Therefore, it is about the favorable conditions within your premises and entry points to get into your building.

Doors, windows, or small crevices and cracks could be allowing tiny creatures into your building. Once pests find their way into your commercial building, the environment determines whether they will thrive. If the conditions are habitable, it is a matter of time before you get a disturbing infestation.

Therefore, you need to engage a professional company such as Urban Desert Pest Control before the population gets out of hand.


For commercial pest treatment to be effective, the management program must be well-rounded and continuous. That is why Urban Desert Pest Control uses an integrated pest management approach to ensure we eliminate the current infestation while preventing future infestation.

Once we receive your request, our Phoenix licensed commercial pest control will come to your commercial space for a professional inspection. During the process, we establish and document the types of pests present and the factors leading to the infestation.

We create a customized integrated pest management plan based on the inspection results to ensure a safe and effective treatment. Our experienced pest control exterminators in Phoenix complete the treatment as per plan. Once the treatment is complete, we re-inspect your property since severe infestation may require multiple treatment levels over a period.

At Urban Desert Pest Control, we aim to keep pests out of your business, and we strive to ensure we get the job done right with no disruption to your commercial activities.


At Urban Desert Pest Control, we commit to ensuring that you run your commercial activities undisrupted. Therefore, we leave you with tips and suggestions on how to prevent pest infestation on your premises.

Besides blocking the entry points, we advise commercial property owners to clean up and dry any moist and wet spots in the building. 
Another step is to eliminate food sources by emptying trash regularly. Additionally, establish a policy restricting staff members from taking food and drinks in certain areas such as their desks.

While the above can help reduce pest infestation, the best tactic to keep pests away from your commercial premises is through scheduling regular inspections and control services with professionals such as Urban Desert Pest Control.

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