Why Winter is the Ideal Time for Termite Treatment

Why Winter Is the Ideal Time for Termite Treatment

While termite prevention is a year-round endeavor, there is a reason why experts view winter as the best time for termite treatment.

Keep reading to learn more about termite control and how the professionals at Urban Desert Pest Control can help.

What Causes Termite Infestations?

Millions of properties across the country are currently dealing with a termite infestation. What causes these infestations?

Wood decks, trees, wood an inch of ground level, and leaf piles attract termites. While termites prefer to live in wood, they can also live underground. Some often burrow through the soil in search of areas to colonize.

How to Identify a Termite Problem

Before you know it, termites could invade your home and cause significant damage. Fortunately, you can address the issue early by staying alert to the warning signs of infestation.

Here’s how to identify the presence of a termite colony on your property.

Termite Tubes

Termite tubes are pathways termites use to keep temperature and humidity right as they build colonies and search for food. These tubes consist of wood, solid, and termite saliva. They are brown in color and are roughly the width of a coffee straw.

Clicking Noises

Do you hear thumping or clicking noises inside your walls or floors? Worker termites make plenty of noise when devouring wood or communicating with the rest of the colony.

Look for Shed Wings

Check for termite swarms, especially after rainfall. These swarms come around when a colony reaches full capacity, prompting them to find a place to build a new colony.

Hollow-Sounding Wood

Termites eat wood from the inside, often leaving behind thin wood pieces that create hollow sounds. An easy way to test for drywood termite colonies is to knock or hit wood to see if it is hollow.

How Winter Affects Termite Activity

Many homeowners schedule termite treatment for spring or summer. They think that termites go dormant during winter and won’t be a problem. However, termites can be active all year long.

In winter, subterranean termites often burrow deeper into the soil to ensure they address their needs while accessing wood structures. Your property’s foundation is warm and has plenty of moisture and food, which is everything termite colonies need to survive and thrive.

Termite Treatment in Winter

Winter is one of the most crucial seasons for preventative termite treatments. These treatments go a long way in resolving your termite problem while fortifying your home against future infestations.

Experts view winter as the ideal time for termite treatment because of how predictable termite locations and activities are. If you plan to use baiting systems, termites are more likely to come across the bait in winter than they are in summer and spring.

During these seasons, warmer temperatures enable termites to forage further from their nests due to the greater abundance of food. Winter temperatures force them to stay close to the nest. As a result, termite control in winter allows for the quick transfer of bait poison throughout the colony.

Work with a Professional Pest Control Company

Given how predictable termite movements are, many homeowners think using baiting systems will do the trick. Though these systems might work for some time, they are not the most effective termite treatment available. It generally takes a long time for termites to discover even the best-placed bait systems.

Fortunately, homeowners have the effective alternative of contacting professional pest control companies. These companies have teams of skilled, experienced professionals ready to implement multi-pronged treatment plans.

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Quality Termite Treatment in Phoenix, AZ

Even if you are successful at killing termites, DIY treatments tend not to last long. Instead of handling termite elimination yourself, turn to our experienced technicians for long-lasting pest-control solutions.

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