why professional pest control

Why Professional Pest Control?

Over the years, we’ve heard all kinds of DIY stories; some interesting, some funny, and some downright horrific. These “stories” involve homeowners tackling pest issues on their own. And don’t get us wrong, we commend these tenacious individuals. There could be many reasons why people opt for DIY pest control methods. We’re not here to judge.

The fact is, it’s not that difficult to kill a few rodents or scorpions on your own. The problem lies in keeping these critters at bay. They almost always return for more. Pests are relentless. They live to eat, mate, and nest. And if they mark your home, you can bet they’ll return season after season, and sometimes night after night.

We wanted to write a simple and honest article that provides some legitimate reasons as to why bi-monthly pest control is a good idea. We know, it’s a biased article—being that we sell pest control services, but we’re confident that if you continue reading, you’ll quickly see that this is not a “give us your money” kind of post.

“Your time is the most valuable asset you have.”

Time Is Money

It’s one of the oldest idioms. Nevertheless, it’s true. Your time is the most valuable asset you have, and it’s important to consider the time spent on going at pest control alone.

If you take into consideration all the time spent on researching pests, pesticides, traps, setup, placement, and disposal, you’ll find that it really adds up. Also, the time you invest may not lead to a successful elimination of your particular pest or pests.

Why Hire a Pro?

First and foremost; we guarantee our work. When you hire Urban Desert Pest control, you can have the confidence in knowing that your pest problem is going to be handled quickly and efficiently. In some cases, we can even make it out the same day.

We have the experience, equipment, and trained professionals to help put a STOP to your pest issues. Our technicians will also provide tips to help you prevent further infestations.


One of the most common concerns people have about bi-monthly pest control services is cost. Did you know the average American spends roughly $92 a month on coffee alone? What about energy drinks? Fast food? Dining out? Amazon Prime rentals? . . . There are endless ways to balance out bi-monthly expenses and make room for professional services.

Never Just One Pest

Unfortunately, most homeowners have to deal with more than one pest. Phoenix homes attract scorpions, rats, mice, Black Widows, termites, ants, and numerous other little creeps. So even if you become the Scorpion King, you may find yourself battling rodents the next day—which are a whole other ballgame.

The good news is that our technicians are experts in cockroaches, ants, spiders, bed bugs, scorpionsrodentstermitesticks, crickets, and just about anything else you can imagine. We even come across snakes and bats on occasion!

If one of our technicians are treating your home for scorpions and notices, for instance, rat droppings, they’ll be sure to let you know. Nothing is overlooked, because the safety of your family is our number one priority.


So there it is; our short and simple take on the importance of professional pest control. Yes, you may have the skills and time to deal with pests yourself, but is it really time well spent? And again, all your hard work may be in vain, because pests have a way of returning. Where there’s one, there’s usually ten more.

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