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A bee situation in your home can be pretty scary and nerve-racking. You’re constantly worried about the safety of your family and pets. Getting rid of bees is a critical process that we would highly recommend not to do yourself. The Africanized honey bee is the most popular species in Phoenix, Arizona, and sadly the most dangerous one.  

Their sting is no different from the other bees, but what makes them lethal is that they fly in swarms, are easily agitated, and chase a threat for long distances. They are very defensive of their colonies and therefore attack anything or anyone they consider a threat.

A bee attack can be fatal as bee stings contain a scent known as “bee scent,” which is left on your clothes, attracting more bees to join in the stinging. 
Do you have a bee situation around your home or property? Lucky for you, Urban Desert is here to save the day.


There are a variety of reasons that can cause bees to invade an area. Bees are naturally attracted to colored flowers, scents, and nectar-producing plants. If you find them inhabiting your home, their attention has been caught by one of these things. Swarming bees fly around, camp in an area for some time, then fly away searching for another place.

Over Population In Their Former Home: Bees sometimes outgrow their hive, and a number of them are forced to go in search of a new home. If you notice bees around your house that were not there before, they are probably looking for a new place to call home. They will probably choose a tree trunk in the open or spaces between exterior and interior walls, like in the attic.

Breaking Off Of Colonies: Bees usually stay in colonies ruled by a queen. Sometimes the colonies break off, and they go in different directions to search for a new home. Swarming bees are not particularly dangerous as they do not have a home to protect yet.

Our Treatment Plan 

Our bee treatment plan includes a complete elimination of the problem. We also use different methods to control bees in the open compared to those nesting in the interior of the house.

We use professional mechanical methods and chemical methods when necessary to handle the bee situation, leaving you and your family at ease.

We highly discourage DIY home remedies of eliminating bees, as some of these methods, like the use of smoke or vinegar, are crude and can highly irritate the bees making them more lethal.


Keeping bees out of your home and property is a common concern of Phoenix area home owners. The best way to keep bee colonies from making your home into a permanent residence is to seal any cracks or other spaces in the wall that might act as entry points. It is also important to fill in any empty wall voids that they may be able to inhabit.

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