Making Sure That Your Family is Healthy and Safe From Pests

Making Sure That Your Family Is Healthy and Safe From Pests

Ticks. Termites. Mice. Ants. These represent just some of the unwanted pests that can pose a real danger to your family and your home if left unchecked.

Although some may seem harmless at first, even these pests can cause extensive damage over time with the right conditions, making it necessary for you to take action against them.

Here, we examine how to employ effective pest control measures to protect your family.

What Is Pest Control?

Pest control refers to the practice of preventing and minimizing infestations of pests. The term can also refer to the management of crop pests, which include plants and vertebrate animals. Pests can include insects, arachnids, microbes, weeds, and other organisms that threaten to damage crops or livestock.

Pest companies often use pesticides to prevent or kill the pests before they become a problem for farmers or their customers. Other methods used to kill or remove pests, such as trapping or exclusion, also make effective tools.

How To Protect Your Home and Family From Common Pests

Employ Effective Pest Prevention Measures

According to the American Pest Control Association, nearly one-third of Americans have encountered a pest in their home.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can find plenty of ways to keep pests out of your house. Consider the following three methods for doing so:

1. Don’t feed them

One of the most important things to do to protect your home and family from common pests is to ensure they don’t have access to food.

Pests will more likely enter your home if you have a large amount of food around since they will be looking for that food. If you can keep your home free of excess food, you will reduce the chances of a pest infestation.

2. Seal off entry points

One of the most effective pest control methods concerns sealing off any entry points they might have. These include holes in walls, gaps around windows and doors, and cracks or gaps in the foundation.

3. Use traps and bait

Traps and bait offer a great way to control pests in your home or yard. The idea is simple: place traps in areas where pests like to hide, then lure them with bait. The traps will catch the pests and keep them out of sight until you can dispose of them.

Remember that some traps are not for indoor use, so make sure it’s safe before placing them in your home.

Do Regular Pest Inspections

Pests can become a massive problem for your home, and you need to implement proactive steps for pest exclusion. A common mistake that homeowners make stems from waiting too long before calling in the pros.

If you notice any signs of pest activity or if you have concerns about being invaded by pests, don’t wait to take action.

Call a professional pest control company as soon as possible to start on your treatment plan. Your pro will thoroughly inspect your home, looking for signs of infestation and providing recommendations for prevention. You can also ask them about the best pest control technologies to protect your home from common household pests like ants and roaches.

Constantly Monitor for Pest Intrusion

The best way to monitor for possible pest intrusion is to keep a watchful eye on your property. Look for signs of infestation, such as droppings, footprints, or holes in the walls or ceilings.

Let’s review some tips for detecting pests:

  • Look for droppings, like mouse or rat droppings, in the corners of rooms and under furniture
  • Check the walls and floors for holes where pests could enter from outside
  • Check around windows and doors for signs of chewing damage caused by rodents or insects
  • Check often—especially if you see signs of infestation in recent days or weeks

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