How Does Hot and Dry Weather Affect Pests?

You may notice that pests are more of a problem during the summer, and there’s a reason behind that. As you may know, insects are cold-blooded, so they rely on the outside temperature for heat. When there the weather is warmer, that also means they have more energy, making them more active and visible to homeowners. Here are some of the ways that the hot and dry weather affects all pests and some of the worst pests during these times. 


Just like all living creatures, insects are dependent on water. Insects in particular enjoy a lot of water and moisture. During the hot and dry seasons (especially in a drought), the outside sources of water for insects become scarce and they need to look for new places to find water. This is one of the biggest reasons pests will move about into homes: hoping to find water or sensing it is near. 


As pests are more active and move frequently during the day, they burn energy and need food. If sweet food is near, they will typically flock there. This is why they will also try to enter someone’s house, because they can smell the food and want to eat. If the weather is extremely dry, then they will need to go searching for other food sources. 


With energy and a more active lifestyle, the breeding period for insects will also begin in the middle of the spring, as soon as there are much warmer days. Unfortunately, this means that more and more pests will pop up early in the summer, if there is warmer weather early. With short infantile stages, newborn pests will soon be active in the warm months of the year. And as long as there is warm weather, there will be more active pests roaming around. 

Shelter In Your Home

As it gets more dry and even hotter, pests can only take so much of the heat. They, like us, need to find a cool place to relax. Often, that means inside your home.. Pests will seek shades in the best places possible, and this can be especially found in basements and attics. They are dark, desolate, and humid: a pest’s paradise.

Shelter Around Your Home

Pests will also settle for cool, dark places that are around your home. This can be under porches, under rocks, and in piles of wood, clutter, or leaves. It is a good measure to proactively clean and organize the favorite pest areas before the hot, dry weather arrives. 

What Pests Are the Problem?

In the summer, you will notice these pests more: ants, termites, mosquitoes, bees/wasps, and flies. 

  • Flies, unfortunately, grow as a problem in the heat because their hatching period decreases from 20 hours to 8 hours. 
  • Bees and wasps are angry, aggressive, and territorial insects. When the weather is hot and dry, bees and wasps will get more cranky and aggressive. They fly about more looking for nourishment but will be more prone to an attack while doing so. 
  • Ants and termites are your biggest problem for a pest that’s seeking refuge in a cool environment. They want to be comfortable and well-fed, which is why they’ll often end up in your home during the summer. 

Don’t Let Pests Ruin Your Summer

Knowing how pests interact and live is the first step to preventing them from being a problem in your home. Be on the lookout when the spring arrives for the living patterns of pests. 

Pests: A Year-Round Problem

But as the summer winds down and fall appears, you can breathe a little more knowing pests won’t be as big of an issue as they’ve been for the last several months. However, the cool months can still bring problems for any homeowner or renter. Pests are a year-round issue

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