Common Summer Pests In Arizona

No one likes having pests in or around their home. Unfortunately, the warm summer weather can mean an increase in some of your least favorite pests. In this blog, we will discuss what some of those more common summer pests are in Arizona.

Arizona’s Pests

Though it’s unpleasant to think about, there are many pests that roam around our state in the summer. Some of the more common ones to look out for include:


Arizona is home to several types of ants. One of the more common is the fire ant, which can cause a painful stinging sensation. Another ant type that is present in the Arizona heat include carpenter ants, which can burrow in wood and cause damage to the structures they dwell in.


Though seemingly harmless, bees are a pest in our area that can cause major damage or death. One of the more dangerous varieties is the Africanized Bee. If you encounter them, be sure to take cover as soon as possible, while remaining calm. 


Mosquitos also are quite present around Arizona in the summer. This may come as a surprise to some, due the lack of humidity we have, but they are still quite present and cause itchy bites in humans and pets. 


Scorpions are common in the Arizona summers. According to local news source ABC 15, the main one found in the Valley is the Bark Scorpion. These have a pretty intense sting that results in vomiting, tingling, and numbness. They are light brown and can crawl up in furniture and into your home.


Arizona is home to many types of spiders, including tarantulas. Be on the lookout for them, as many are not just annoying, but also venomous. Most tarantulas will not enter homes, but others, such as the black widow, will enter homes.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are also no joke! They can end up in your home and cause uncomfortable rashes when you’ve been laying in a bed with bed bugs present. Be careful to look out for them in and around your mattress on a regular basis.

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