Common Spring Pests in Arizona 

Spring is in full swing here in the Grand Canyon state. On top of pretty weather, longer nights, and fun times, that also means the return of active, spring pests. If you aren’t careful and proactive with your pest prevention, your house could quickly succumb to a devastating pest infestation. 

Luckily, your friends at Urban Desert Pest Control are here to offer some tips to keeping you and your family safe this spring. In this article, we’ll identify the most common pests found during this time in Arizona along with a few tips to stop them from entering your home. 


Did you know that there are over 40 known ant species in Arizona? Of these species, the worst can be fire ants that possess a harmful sting. But what’s true of all ants is you don’t want them wandering around your home. 

Unfortunately, ants can be the most likely pest you’ll run into this spring. Driven by pheromones and great hunger, ants travel in colonies and their small size allows them to easily enter many shelters. Left behind trash or sweets in your kitchen often are the main culprit for enticing ants to stick around. Yet, you can play a significant role in preventing an ant infestation. Some tips to keep ants out include cleaning against pheromones and ant bait. 


Just like ants, cockroaches are largely driven by food. So you might see a cockroach scurrying across your kitchen floor. And speaking of food, cockroaches will eat almost anything. But on top of that, they reproduce at a rapid rate, making any infestation no light matter. If you see a cockroach, you’ve got to act quickly to eradicate them.  

Keeping your home as clean as possible certainly deters cockroaches from entering. However, no treatment is as thorough as professional, chemical pest treatments, especially if you already notice an infestation. Be vigilant throughout the year for persistent pests such as cockroaches. 

Bees and Wasps 

What goes hand in hand with May flowers are bees and wasps. When everything is in full bloom, you’ll notice more and more bees buzzing about. Fortunately, bees and wasps don’t typically invade homes, but they do linger on properties. Their stings can cause harm and serious effects to those who have allergies. 

So, it’s best not to mess around when you see bees and wasps hanging around your yard. You can prevent them by removing food sources from the area, keeping windows shut, using repelling plants and spray, and proactively checking for nests. The key is not to be passive with any potential pest protection. 


Arizona has one of the highest concentrations of scorpions in the U.S., and with their harmful (or potentially poisonous) sting, you’ll want to do everything to stay away from them. Scorpions will try to enter a home to find moisture, darkness, or food. Because they feed on insects like flies and spiders, a preexisting pest infestation can mean that more pests, like scorpions, are on the way too. 

It can help to know some additional information on scorpions, including they’re nocturnal creatures and there’s 3 common species found in Arizona. Signs of infestation are droppings, tracks (a smear of tiny pebbles), and eggs. 


Finally, another pest to keep your eye out for this spring are spiders. They particularly enjoy dark, cramped areas of a home, and they feast on tiny insects that may linger there. Most spider species are harmless, but you might encounter a venomous brown recluse or black widow in Arizona. Treat any spider you see as venomous and do your best to keep away from it. Declutter your home, brighten up areas where you can, and seal off cracks and crevices to prevent spiders. 

The Best Pest Prevention Is Professional Treatment 

When considering whether or not to do pest control by yourself, think about the knowledge and equipment the professionals can offer. It’ll save you time, energy, money, and comfortability to hire Urban Desert Pest Control. Our years of training and experience can keep you and your family safe. Pests are more active with warmer weather, so be smart this spring. 

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