Benefits of Professional Pre-Construction Termite Control for New Homes

Benefits of Professional Pre-Construction Termite Control for New Homes

Termites love to feast on wood. They are infamous for infesting homes, but they don’t wait until a building is completely finished before digging in. Termites can infest a building from the ground up while construction is still going on. Pre-construction termite control can protect your new building from the beginning. 

Even if there is no presence of termites during new construction, there is always the danger of discovering a colony. Termites can burrow underground and fly through the air, making it difficult to control where they end up. Pre-construction termite treatment adds a layer of protection against termites and gives you peace of mind.

Urban Desert Pest Control has the experience to protect your new home or building from termite infestation. We have over 20 years of combined experience to keep your family safe from termite infestation. 

Pre-construction Termite Control Treatment

All sorts of organic materials, including paper and wood, are appealing to termites. Pre-construction treatment is a great option for thorough termite control. A customized treatment plan for new construction prevents termite infestation by creating a chemical barrier all around the area.

Termites can live in the ground, waiting patiently to discover new wood to destroy. The first step in the pre-construction treatment process is to inspect the area for termite breeding grounds. 

Our professional exterminators apply termiticide directly on the ground. This chemical treatment prevents the presence of subterranean termites. It’s difficult for termites to break the chemical barrier, making chemical ground treatment a long-term solution.

New construction is costly. The last thing you want is termite damage before you can even move in. When you contact us for professional pest and termite control in Phoenix, you can relax knowing no pests, including termites, will move into your home before you.

The Dangers of Termites

Termites quickly compromise the integrity of the wood inside your home, but that’s not all. Dust created by termites gnawing away at the wood easily gets into your HVAC system. When the air conditioner turns on, the dust spreads throughout your home, which is dangerous for anyone with asthma, allergies, or any other pulmonary condition. 

Termite damage creates the perfect place for mold infestation. Termite damage and mold damage go hand in hand. If mold runs rampant in the walls of your home for an extended period of time, it creates breathing problems for even those family members who are in perfect health. 

Mold within the walls can quickly grow out of control. When the wood is already thin due to termite presence, the addition of mold severely compromises the remaining wood. If you find weak spots in the floor or in the walls, call a professional right away. 

Termite damage combined with mold damage can cause serious structural damage. Mold infestation needs professional remediation treatment before it causes severe structural damage to your home. 

Signs of Termite Infestation

Every home runs the risk of termite infestation, no matter how new or old. Once termites find a place to build a colony, they work quickly and take over before you realize they are there. If you know how to recognize signs of termites, you will be able to exterminate them before they cause extensive damage to your home or business.

In Arizona, subterranean termites are the most prominent type. They show themselves by creating small, brown tubes as they build colonies. The tubes help maintain their ideal temperature as they infest your home and look for a food source.

Noise From Termites

Noise heard from inside the walls is always a cause for concern. Termites click and thump around as they gnaw away at the wood inside your walls. Some termites knock their heads against the wood to communicate with other termites. 

Wood becomes thinner with increasing termite damage. If your walls have a hollow sound they didn’t before, it could indicate that you need professional termite control. 

Flying Termites

Flying termites are one of the most obvious signs of termite infestation. Flying termites are on the hunt for the perfect place to build a new colony. Once they find an ideal spot, they shed their wings and start building. 

When searching for termite colonies, you may see the discarded wings instead of the whole termite. Spotting wings means a colony is nearby. Termite infestations can be difficult to locate, so if you see signs of termites, call for professional termite control in Phoenix.

Free Termite Inspection

There are so many options for pest and termite control that deciding on the best course of action can seem overwhelming. Don’t waste any more time researching termite infestation and trying to find the best tools for the job. Even if you eradicate one colony, they can quickly return.

Professional termite inspections allow our team to locate and remove the entire colony of termites. Once we remove the termites, we can identify the point of entry and prevent future infestation. 

If you suspect the presence of termites, don’t hesitate while the damage grows. Urban Desert Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ, offers a free termite inspection. As we check your home or business for termites, we will also take note of any other pests infesting the building. 

We will create a customized treatment plan to remove all existing pests from your home while staying within your budget. Call or text 602-786-5619 to schedule a termite control inspection with a member of our pest and termite control team. 

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