7 Reasons You Need Pest Control in Winter

7 Reasons You Need Pest Control in Winter 

Winter brings cooler weather and a much-needed break from fire ants, Africanized bees, and mosquitos. But we shouldn’t let our guard down as pests seek shelter and comfort in our homes during winter. Winter pest control services protect homes from invasive species and prevent your home from becoming infested with bothersome pests. Don’t wait until the marigolds bloom in spring to protect your home against agitating pests. 

Integrated pest management services identify areas of your home most susceptible to pest infestation. Cracks and small holes in your foundation provide ideal entryways for rodents and insects. Attics offer comfortable living conditions for bees and spiders, while moist kitchens and bathrooms encourage cockroaches, ants, and crickets.

Protect the integrity of your home by enlisting professional pest control services this winter. Continue reading to learn the seven reasons to consider receiving winter pest control services. 

7 Reasons You Need Pest Control in Winter 

Common pests cause significant problems for homeowners. Bed bugs seek the undersides of mattresses to breed and lay eggs, termites irreversibly damage wooden furniture, and rodents endlessly chew electrical wires. When winter comes along, homeowners must stay vigilant of pesky pest problems to avoid personal injury and property damage. Take control of pest issues by learning more about pest control services in the winter. 

1. Deter Rats and Mice From Seeking Shelter in Your Home 

The most common home pests in the winter include mice and rats. Rodents seek the comfort of warm houses for shelter, food, and water when colder winter days arrive. Instead of waiting until rodents reproduce in your home, consider calling your local pest control services at the beginning of winter. Professionals inspect your home to ensure all rodent access points, like downspouts and cracked windows, remain sealed. 

2. Pests Living Rent-Free in Walls 

Wall-dwelling pests, including termites, ants, and cockroaches, reproduce discreetly in your home’s walls during the winter. Without proper termite control, newly hatched larva feast hungrily on structural supporting beams within your walls. Confidently enter this winter pest-free by contacting pest control specialists to inspect your walls for signs of insect infestations. 

3. Attic and Basement Spider Infestations 

Spiders seek dark, dimly lit areas of your home during winter to catch other unsuspecting insects and find food and water. Spiders live happily in your home during the winter, especially if poor mosquito control and bright lighting attract flying insects into your home. Pest control services eliminate silk spider webs, spider eggs, and any flying insects to ensure your home stays insect-free for the winter and following seasons. 

4. Eliminate Evasive Insects

Bed bugs, ants, and ticks prove tremendously challenging to identify. Bed bugs burrow in small seams of mattresses, while ticks as small as pencil tips easily migrate from your yard to your house. When spring emerges, existing evasive species in your home breed more often and cause widespread damage to your health and property. Trained professionals know where to look and how to treat stubborn tiny pests effectively. 

5. Problem Causing Wood-Boring Insects

Pests that thrive in wooden house environments include termites, carpenter ants, and long-horned beetles. These insects build colonies deep within wooden structures, compromising the structural integrity of your walls and furniture. Signs you may have a wood-boring insect infestation include small wooden holes in wooden surfaces surrounded by wood shavings. Pest control services exterminate unwelcomed wood borers in the winter with ease. 

6. Stop Scorpion Infestations 

Scorpions remain one of the scariest, most deadly insects imaginable. Head into winter with peace of mind by contacting local pest control services if you notice scorpions in your home. Scorpions seek small insects as prey and enter houses through open vents, small cracks, and broken foundations. Targeted pest control services remove reasons for scorpions to enter your home during the winter. 

7. Seal Your Home From Pests 

All rodents and pests enter homes through broken windows, cracks, and openings. Pest control services thoroughly inspect your property to identify breaches in the structure of your home and work efficiently to seal them off. The best way to defend your home against pests involves strategic planning by trained pest professionals in the winter. 

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